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Piano Lessons

About Me

I am a fully qualified piano teacher with many years experience in teaching and coaching pupils for examinations conducted by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music.  I have an excellent track record of results in both practical and theory examinations up to Diploma level. I also teach classical and pop music to those who prefer not to sit for examinations.  I am friendly in my approach to teaching and quite flexible to the needs of individuals.

My Teaching Methods

I have several methods of teaching which I have acquired over the years. I adopt different teaching methods and tailor it down to the individual’s needs. I believe that each student has their own preferred learning skill. After assessing their capabilities, I guide them accordingly.

Lesson Structure

I work with the student to design a lesson plan specific to the student’s requirements. I believe in making music lessons fun and enjoyable. I always start off with a Warm up – Scales, arpeggios etc. to exercise the fingers.

Teaching a new piece of music always helps with ‘Sight Reading’ – which enables the student to be able to play music that is put in front of him/her. This is one of the most useful skills a musician can have.


I emphasize the need to develop aural tests – Exercises to develop the sense of timing rhythm and tone which is paramount in learning music.

Goals & Challenges

Setting long, medium and short-term goals to my students have enabled them to progress rapidly while learning different aspects of music. I advise students on the duration of practice times after analysing each individual student’s level of skill at playing the piano. Setting challenges help my students to be focused and enjoy making music.

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